Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today, we gather with family and friends in virtually every point of the compass and enjoy and enjoy the benefits of a free society.  It's a time of peace and harmony that we often take for granted, but should well remember that there were times when such was not the case.  Christmas day 1944 was a tragic day for the 416th Bomb Group with several planes and crews lost on the morning mission to Munstereifel, Germany and the afternoon mission to Hillsheim.  Unlike the much heralded Christmas Truce of WWI, the battle raged on in Europe during those hard days when the Battle of the Bulge called for every possible resource and a full commitment.

Mission #177 - Hillsheim, Germany - 25 Dec 44

After two frustrating weeks of bad weather, the air power of the allies was finally brought to bear and helped stem the tide of a major German offensive.  As we enjoy Christmas 2010, we should pause for a moment to reflect on what Christmas 1944 must have been like for the men on the ground and in the air with our armed forces at that time.  Merry Christmas to all - compliments of the 416th Bomb Group.